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Junior Coaches Area

Junior Coaches Area
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To be inspired please press play, then read below to prepare for practice. Be sure to have your speakers turned up. Enjoy.


Welcome to the Pascoe Vale Soccer Club Junior "Coaches Area". The purpose of the "Coaches Area" is to provide assistance to junior coaches involved with the club. The "Coaches Area" contains various coaching resources and tools and will be updated as new ideas and concepts come to our attention. The objective of the "Coaches Area" is to:

- Help first year coaches
- Encourage the teaching of soccer fundamentals at the junior and youth ages
- Provide some suggested drills based on age/capabilities proven at that level
- Create some consistency within the juniors teams playing at the club
- Set common goals for all junior teams to strive to meet

The main resource for Pascoe Vale Junior Coaches is the Byte Size Coaching Program. This is a great resource with age specific practice plans and drills for U4-U18. There is also a searchable database of technical and tactical drills and plans for older age groups (U13-U18). Byte Size Coaching Program is a password protected area available to Pascoe Vale Coaches only.
Also, there are many websites that have coaching hints and we encourage you to investigate them to augment what we have provided. Some useful and recommended sites are :

Some are better than others and it depends on what skills you are targeting for your team. Don't forget that it generally takes three weeks of concentrated use to learn a new skill. So, often it is better to drill the players for three weeks on particular skills (using subtle variations in drills) than it is to chop and change from week to week.

Furthermore, never forget that there is no substitute for basic skills performed with a high degree of reliability. Teaching kids special moves may add to the excitement and spectacle of games but they do not replace basic skills such as long, accurate kicking, precision passing with every part of the boot or ball control. Coaching your players to utilise either foot with equal facility is a challenge that you should be prepared to embrace. It will not only make them more complete players, much harder for opposition teams to counter, but it will create pride in the skill they have acquired.