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Under 12D Boys Team Details - 2009
  Coach : Moe Mina Phone: 04318 121 137
  Assistant Coach : David Fermosa Phone:
  Manager :    
  Training Schedule : Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-7:30 pm
  Home Ground Location : Hosken Reserve, Coburg North VIC 3058 
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  Home Strip : Shirt: Navy Blue with White Trim. Shorts: Navy blue. Socks: Navy blue.
Match Reports - 2009
  Round 1 - 26/04/2009
Finally the season has started with very little preparation coach Moe & assistant coach David had a very hard task ahead of them to take on and prepare the U12B team at he last minute. It was very cold & windy at home against Sunshine Georgies. Approximately 2 mins into the we landed the first goal. By half time Pascoe Vale was well in front 4-0. The final match result was Pascoe Vale 13 -2 Sunshine Georgies. There was an excellent display of team work throughout the game with several goal scorers. WELL DONE BOYS.

Round 2 - 03/05/2009
The sun was out & the conditions were very good for the game. It was a very tight game with Yarra Jets 2 scoring the first goal 15mins into the game. Although we had 80% of possession of the ball & numerous shots at goal with the ball hitting the post & going out on 1 occasion, luck wasn't on our side. The boys showed good teamwork under pressure, which made me notice they are just starting to get used to one another. The final match result Yarra Jets(2) 1 - 0 Pascoe Vale. better luck next time.

Round 3 - 09/05/2009
Round 3 Brunswick Zebra's vs Pascoe Vale. After having a disappointing loss last week against Yarra Jets 2 Pascoe Vale came to the ground ready to win this game. The conditions were great for soccer in the first five minutes Pascoe Vale landed their first goal with the half time result 3-0 and the full game result 5-0.What a game it was the boys displayed skill ,teamwork, stamina & fair play. It makes a coach happy to see his team starting to understand one another and play as a team especially with so little time to prepare for this season.

Round 4 - 17/05/2009
Pascoe Vale played Yarra Jets 1. The game started very well with Pascoe Vale scoring 2 goals with lots of opportunities missed. Half time score was 2-1 In the first minutes of the second half Pascoe Vale scored another goal leaving Pascoe Vale up 3-1, but then the boys slowed down and things turned against us. The final results was a 4-3 loss. It looks like the boys need to increase there fitness levels. Better luck next game.

Round 5 - 24/05/2009
After falling ill during the week and unable to train his boys Coach Moe was worried about his teams performance on match day. So he asked permission to leave hospital to watch the game between Broadmeadows utd vs Pascoe Vale u12 d north. Broadmeadows won the toss and decided to play with the wind. 2 mins into the game Pascoe Vale scored their fisrt goal leaving Broadmeadows utd dumb founded. The second goal was a magic 3 touch play with the midfielder passing the ball to the striker who then crossed it in to other striker. Half time scores Broadmeadows 0-3 Pascoe Vale. The second half the boys started relaxed only kicking 2 goals. There was great teamwork through out the game mostly from midfield strikers. Final match results Broadmeadows utd 0 - 5 Pascoe Vale. Coach moe went back into hospital with a smile on his face.

Round 6 - 31/05/2009
It was a bit cold and foggy where the u12b pascoe vale hosted its home game v's Banyale city. The boys started the first half a bit flat footed with kicking only 1 goal in the first half. It put coach moe under a bit of pressure talking to his players about creating more options & opening their defence as banyale had about 6 defenders. The 5th min in the second halve we landed our second goal making the banyale coach trying to organise his back line but it didn't work thanks to a great corner > header landing our third goal. final match result 4-0 in pascoe vales favour well done yuk yuk landing 3 goals in the second half.

Round 7 - 14/06/2009
This was the game coach moe was waiting 4 knowing doc utd have never lost a game this year and r sitting on top with a game in hand. The first 10 mins in the half pascoe vale was up by 2 goals finishing half time 3-0 with a beautiful goal kicked on a corner by kosta. It was very tight in the second half with doc utd kicking their first goal a few minutes later yuk yuk scored his 3rd goal leaving pascoe vale 4-1 in front. Doc utd attacked fiercely causing the keeper to make some errors with the defenders. In the last 2mins of the game Doc utd kicked their 4th goal with the match ending 4-4 draw. The doc utd coach was happy that he played a team that gave them a run for their money. What inspired Moe about this team was they never gave up.

Round 8 - 21/06/2009
After the draw we had last week pascoe vale had a tuff task to stay in the top 4. The game started with sunshine putting intense pressure on pascoe vale defending very well. Then coach moe set his game plan out he instructed the centre mid fielders to play the long ball through the georgies defence allowing yuk yuk to run through them and taking the keeper on 1 on 1 kicking 3 goals by half time. The second half sunshine kept on attacking but couldn't break through the defense with a few long balls again allowing pascoe vale to kick another 2 goals. final result sunshine georgies 0-5 pascoe vale well done boys and good manning up.